Closet Transitions

happy monday!

e4d946c1e1995b0cba6cd7641b843197It’s that time of year where we have to start transitioning our wardrobe. Adding hats, tights, and boots to the everyday outfit options. For some it’s the best time of the year…for me not so much. I’m an island baby born in the summertime you can’t blame me for preferring warm weather. Anywho!! As I get my closet fall/winter ready I’m sure to keep my vibrant neon colors, boots with cutouts, and cute accessories out to dress up any outfit. Take a look below at some of my fave staples and get some inspiration for your own wardrobe!

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About These Mini Twists

As you know I recently took out the asymmetrical bob I wore for majority of the summer. Despite my long efforts of deep conditioning and moisturizing my hair was so dry. Like brillo pad dry. Nothing I tried worked. Nothing. I already knew I needed a trim, but wasn’t anticipating the permanent heat damage I caused with the hair that was left out in the very front. I made an appointment with Sabine of Sabine’s Hallway in Brooklyn to get my hair to come back to life. Initially I wanted bantu knots but after assessing the damage she recommended me trying out a protective style.

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Cuffing Season

this title tickles me for several reasons…

  1. the weather should not determine your status
  2. there shouldn’t be a particular time of the year or season designated to being single or in a relationship
  3. are you really trying to be “cuffed” or are you bored and want a snuggle buddy?
  4. if you’re busy rekindling something with someone why did you let them go in the first place…
  5. are you cuffing someone you actually want to marry


that’s really all I wanted to say.

Just kidding!

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